THERESA RATERMANN comes from a family of ten children and a large extended family.  Babies, children, teens, adults, and the “older and wise” have been a large and influential part of her life.  Documenting families and events has always been her passion and led her down the path to photography at the age of 13 years.  Since that time she has not been able to put her camera down. 

Theresa’s passion for people and photography shines through with everyone she meets and the work she produces.  She listens to people and incorporates their lifestyles into her photography.  Whether she is down on the floor with a baby, sitting quietly with the elderly, or sprinting across sporting events, her energetic work portrays what is important - the individual and his or her life.

Theresa finds beauty in the simplicity of images.  Her style is classic and timeless.  Her portraits are simple. They are simplified by careful choices in clothing, background selection, lighting, composition, and expression.  The beauty and personality of the portraiture shines through – they are not dulled by loud or overwhelming distractions.  Using natural lighting in a meaningful environment, the images are casual and organic, representing individual personalities in both interactive and controlled candid settings.  They are fun, emotional, deep, and soulful.

Beside portraits, Theresa is a sports photographer capturing player and action close-ups that relay the intensity of the game.  Her sports photography is captured in vibrant colors using either blurred or stopped action.  Having participated in a variety of sports throughout her life (tennis, softball, running, and triathlons), she continues this passion from behind her camera lens.